Investor Relations



Hong Kong dollar



Turnover (ten thousand)

Turnover (Hundred million)

Board of Directors
Senior Management
Executive Director
Li Xiaoping(Chairman of the board),Guo Ying
Non-executive Director
Wang Dou,Wang Yinhu
Independent non-executive Director
Huang Mingxiang,Kam Chi Sing, Liu Xiaolan
Audit Committee
Kam Chi Sing(Chairman),Wang Dou,Huang Mingxiang,Liu Xiaolan
Remuneration Committee
Huang Mingxiang(Chairman),Li Xiaoping,Liu Xiaolan,Kam Chi Sing
Nomination Committee
Li Xiaoping(Chairman),Huang Mingxiang, Liu Xiaolan,Kam Chi Sing
General manager
Guo Ying
Financial controller and joint company secretary
Lv Li
General manager of the commercial business department
He Gang
General manager of the mergers and acquisitions and integration department
Wang Bing
Chief human resources officer
Cai Daocheng
Joint company secretary
Fok Po Yi
Contact Information
Address:38A th Floor, Tower 4, Excellence Century Center, Fuhua Third Road ,Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, PRC